Checkered Arrow Coffee Basket
Checkered Arrow Coffee Basket

Checkered Arrow Coffee Basket

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In Western Uganda, these sweet, pointy-topped baskets are traditionally used as decorative vessels to hold coffee beans. When visitors arrive to a home, hosts offer them a coffee bean or two to chew on to reenergize them after a long journey.

Handcrafted by women artisans from the Batoro tribe living in the very rural mountains of Western Uganda. These weavers are a part of a cooperative that provides training to single mothers, widows and other marginalized women who are subsistence farmers and weave baskets to provide additional income. 

  • Made from all natural, sustainably sourced raffia and banana fibers.
  • Unique, bold mix of natural and AZO free dyes - Natural dyes are made from various plant materials grown in artisan’s villages. The women grow, harvest and make all the natural dyes which take a great deal of knowledge and skill to produce.
  • The hand-dyed raffia is twisted and wrapped around coils of banana fibers, creating structure and intricate designs.