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Mini Salt Cellar with Spoon

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This mini sized Salt Cellar and Spoon set in variable color tones is a wonderful addition to your everyday kitchen use as well as a charcuterie board for entertaining. Hand carved and polished from Ankole cattle horn, the mini salt cellar is perfect for housing sea salts, spices, or sauces. 

This unique, hand-crafted horn product is sustainably made from the horns of the Ankole-Watusi, or Ankole Longhorn, a breed of cattle native to western Uganda and parts of East Africa. These distinctive horns are a recycled byproduct of the food industry and are purchased directly from the cattle keepers, providing revenue for local cattle keeping communities. The horn is then hand carved and polished according to Maadili designs by a small scale artisan community.

  • Sustainably sourced horn from rural Ugandan cattle keepers, horn is used and upcycled instead of wasted
  • Hand carved in small scale, Fair Trade artisan cooperative in Uganda
  • High variability of horn color ensures that no two pieces are the same - pieces come in variable shades of white to brown to black
  • Hand wash